Processing & Installation


GREENuWood can be handled just like wood, including planing, sawing, cutting, nailing, drilling, milling, grinding and more! We suggest treating it like hardwood such as Teak or Maple while processing.


Engine Speed:Controlling the engine speed about 3500 rpm is suggested.

Circular Saw Blade:Using Alternate top bevel teeth (ATB) is suggested while processing.

Screw Size:About 1.5 Times the thickness of the wood. For example, use a 15mm screw for a 10mm fiberboard.


Pilot hole:The hardness of GREENuWood is high, so draining pilot holes before locking screws is suggested.

Wood Adhesive:Can be bonded with wood glues and adhesives.

Surface Processing:Can be polished with sandpaper, or finished with varnishes, oil- and water-based paints and other coatings.


1. Melting

  • Despite GREENuWood is made from 100% recycled plastic, so despite it has similar material properties like wood, the contact surface could be slightly melted while processing. Adding some oil on the saw blade or switching another blade can prevent the contact surface from melting.

2. Sticking

  • If the saw blade gets over-heated and sticking, add some water-based release agent.
  • Clean the sawdust consistently when processing.
  • Better do it efficiently.